Wednesday, May 6, 2009

You put the lime in the coconut

Those who know me, know that 99% of the time I choose citrus flavored sweet stuff over chocolate. I do love it when people combine both, so I don't have to choose, like those lime Cointreau truffles you get at DJs, but I digress. I used to suck lemons as a kid. No, really...I used to ACTUALLY suck the lemons. Hmmm. And one of my favourite combos is lime and coconut.

So today at work we had one of those farewell morning tea things. I didn't attend but our lovely office manager brought me in some of the cake. There were two, a tiramisu looking concoction that she had swooned over (she is a bit of a foodie I might add). It had these gorgeous toffeed nuts on top. Yum. but 'twas the second one that made my heart sing. Without doubt, the yummiest coconut cake I've ever had. Oh lordy me, I really can't describe how good it was. And yes, lime was there too - lovely flecks of rind through the lightest coconut cake I've ever had, but it was present in some other way too - and not in the delicious cream cheese icing either. I had a hunch as to who may be responsible for it and yes, its Yael's Cakes of Distinction. And its a lime syrup that's responsible for the lime yumminess factor.

I have a good recipe for coconut cake at home, so standby for experimentation! But in the meantime if someone offers you a chance to taste Yael's lime and coconut, do not walk, RUN as fast as you can to secure your slice of heaven.

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