Thursday, April 23, 2009

Blue is obviously not the new black

OK, so a few years back kitchen appliances started coming out in a range of 'fashion colours'. Glossy reds, deep blues, shiny black - oh and for a few dollars more you could pay for no colour at all and get brushed chrome or stainless steel.

Awesome - I have aways loved cobalt blue and after scrimping together some hard earned cash, taking possession of a few gift vouchers and plotting my attack for 10% off sale time, I very excitedly went along to DJs and purchased my pride and joy - a shining beauty - my Sunbeam Mixmaster in gorgeous cobalt blue. Those who know me, know I have quite a few splashes of this shade about the house. I planned, in time, to get a few more items in this glorious shade to match, and make my kitchen a shrine to deepest blue.

So, yeah, well time got away. I look around now... no more cobalt blue. Everywhere I look is red, red, RED. Some cream, black (of course) and pastels. All of which are lovely, but why-o-why did they all conspire against me and stop making things in cobalt blue? Why?

My Mixmaster will now have to stand proud and tall, alone in the corner, and wave the flag for all the appliances gone before in that beautiful shade of blue.

No, pastel blue will NOT do.



1 comment:

  1. Oh dear, that's annoying isn't it! But white would probably go well with cobalt blue? Maybe?