Wednesday, February 18, 2009

In the beginning...

Me...blogging...about food. What a shock!

I guess its not a huge surprise given my love of food and eating (which is absolutely obvious if you have ever met me) and also my love of writing and generally being verbose.

This blog is really my way of chronically my journey from complete cooking/baking novice to hopefully something better and there will probably be a few reviews along the way as well and general sharing of anything interesting I dig up.

My particular penchant is baking, something I think is genetic as my Nana and Mum were/are both fantastic bakers. Whilst I was on maternity leave recently I found that my dormant baking gene had been activated and so my family and friends have been subjected to my various experiments thus far. I will add details of them here when I get some pictures. Oh, and on that -I have been delving into the world of baking, cooking, cupcake and cake blogs, and wow there are some amazing and very informative ones out there. Equally as impressive is the photographic skills of some of these guys and girls. Well you won't find that here. I am a really bad photographer but hey, who knows, I could get better at that too as time goes by. Here's hoping.