Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Things I covet:

Anything with cupcakes on it - exhibit a, exhibit b and exhibit c.

Cobalt blue kitchen stuff - like all of this.

Babushka dolls - like this, oh and this and what about these?

Oh and feijoas. The Aussies haven't cottoned onto them yet so you never see them and when you do they are at extortionate prices. But Mum and I have a plan......



  1. I don't know much about feijoas but hubby loves them. Since I share a similar love of cupcaked items, coloured kitchen appliances and Babushka dolls I guess this means I should try and seek some feijoas out! :D

  2. They are practically a national treasure in NZ. You can get a yummo breakfast cereal there with feijoa in it, so good. They are quite different to any other fruit though. Highly perfumed and the flesh is gritty, and they can be a bit tart. Maybe start with some 42 Below feijoa infused vodka :)